Real Food… Real Fast!


Circle City “CC Burger” $6.95

Chargrilled beef burger, Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sauce, cheddar cheese, siracha bacon, and onion straws

Not Your Dad’s BBQ Sandwich $5.95

Eastern NC chopped BBQ, Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sauce, pimento cheese, and onion straws

Brie and Bacon Burger $6.95

Chargrilled beef burger topped with Brie, Rosemary Sugar bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo

BLT $4.95

Lettuce, Tomato, and you choice of regular, Sriracha, or rosemary sugar bacon

Grilled Cheese $2.95

American, Cheddar or Swiss

Catfish Sandwich $4.95

Hand breaded and fried with tartar sauce

Eastern NC Chopped BBQ Sandwich $4.95

With homemade slaw

Build Your Own

Hot Dog $2.95

Hamburger $4.95

Cheeseburger $5.95

Choose from: American, Cheddar, Pimento, or Swiss


Complimentary Toppings

Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Fresh Jalapeños, Homemade Slaw, Sweet Relish, Tarter Sauce, Dill Pickles, Homemade Chili, Onions

Premium Topping Choices $.75

Grilled Onions, Fried Onion Straws

Add Cheese$1.00

American, Cheddar, Pimento, Swiss or Queso

Bacon $1.25

Sriracha, Regular, or Rosemary Sugar

Tres Tacos $7.95

Choose any three


Shredded cheddar, lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream


Made with BBQ, Cackalacky® Cheerwine® sauce and homemade slaw


Made with fried fish, homemade slaw and CC sauce

Plates $11.95


Eastern NC Chopped BBQ, homemade slaw, fries, and choice of hushpuppies or roll


Catfish (2 pieces) homemade slaw, fries, and choice of hushpuppies or roll


CC Fries $2.95

Buffalo Tater Tots $2.95

Cackalacky® Spice Ranch Tots $3.25

Tot-chos $3.95

Buffalo Tater Tots, chili, queso sauce, fresh jalapeños and siracha sauce


Circle City Swirl $3.95(med.) $4.95(lg.)

Reese’s, HEATH, Butterfinger, Oreo, Banana Pudding mixed with vanilla soft serve ice cream

Pudding Parfait $2.95

Banana or Oreo

Brown Cow $2.95

Vanilla soft serve ice cream with Pepsi (float)

Red Cow $2.95

Vanilla soft serve ice cream with Cheerwine (float)

Soft Serve Cone $1.95

Soft Serve Cup $2.95


Fountain Drinks $1.95(20oz.) $2.50(32oz.)

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Cheerwine, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, or Mountain Dew

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea $1.95(20oz.) $2.50(32oz.)

Sweet or Unsweet

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $2.25(20oz.) $3.00(32oz.)

Tuesday – Friday 11-8
Saturday 11-3
Closed Sunday & Monday

517 West Pittsboro, NC 27312